Sunday, November 14, 2010

From RFN on Edgar Steele

Greetings, comrades. There’s no Edgar Steele update this week; no news, really. The trial has been postponed to March the 7th, Cyndi Steele is doing a speaking tour to try and raise some money for legal expenses, and that’s about it. That’s one bad thing about these cases; the federal government has the capacity to simply sit and wait the rest of us out, postponing and postponing the trial until the short American attention span kicks in, everyone loses interest, and wanders away. We need to make sure that doesn’t happen with Ed Steele. They learned their lesson back in the days of Sacco and Vanzetti; courtrooms are for disposing of people the régime finds inconvenient, not for making martyrs out of dissidents.

It would help of course if Ed had an energetic, completely dedicated and privately hired attorney who would give him what the legal code of ethics from the bar association supposedly requires, i.e. he would defend his client fully and zealously—their words, not mine. But apparently the cost these days of a real defense in a court of law begins somewhere in the neighborhood of $250,000, and all the family’s assets deliberately seized and frozen by the federal government in order specifically to prevent the retention of a defense lawyer who might give the prosecution problems or ask embarrassing questions.

So much for equality under the law; just like our American healthcare system, our American judicial system is tied to a cash register. Justice in this country is for sale, and I mean that literally. It has a cash price tag attached.

Cyndi has only been able to raise about 10% of that so far, if my information is correct. I believe she is now concentrating on an attempt to raise enough money to try and pay an independent electronics and audio expert to review the so-called tapes recorded by Larry Fairfax wherein Edgar Steele allegedly tries to hire Larry Fairfax as a hit man. My understanding is that Cyndi has in fact been allowed to listen to a few of the tapes, most likely when the FBI was trying to convince her to be quiet and disappear and not embarrass them by coming out in public support of her husband, and one of the things that’s prompted her to stand up and speak out is the fact that those tapes sounded fuzzy and jerky and jumpy, as if certain key words and phrases had been added.

By the way, in case you folks are wondering and thinking that all this speculation about the FBI tampering with the tapes is just paranoid conspiracy theory, I can tell you just from doing this Radio Free Northwest broadcast every week that tampering with audio files is not just possible, it’s done all the time. I do it all the time. I use an audio editing program called WavePad, and to spare my voice, I usually record this show is segments, which I then string together in Wavepad to make more or less a full hour. I drop in the music last of all.

Now, sometimes on this show I will miss or slur a word or accidentally delete part of a sentence when I’m editing, and I have to go back and speak the word or phrase into the microphone again, record it in Wavepad, and then drop it into the podcast. Sometime you guys notice this, I’m sure, where there’s a little skip or jump in the cast, but I’ve gotten sufficiently good at it over the past year to where I can usually slip a word or a phrase in smooth as silk and you don’t notice it.

And the government of the United States has far better and more sophisticated resources for doing this than I do on my PC, not to mention much more skilled audio techs to commit forgery. So there is no question at all that Edgar Steele could have been framed. The technology definitely exists. I know because I use it myself. The question is, was Edgar Steele framed, and here is where we have to look at the character of the United States government and the law enforcement agencies involved. Once the moral and political character of the FBI is taken into account, I think we all know the answer to what’s going on here.

The next event in this dog and pony show should be Larry Fairfax’s sentencing on December 16th, but we don’t know yet whether that will be postponed as well. They will want to have a handle on Larry to make sure his testimony goes according to plan and make sure he doesn’t mess up, and I think they may lose some of that leverage if Fairfax has already been officially sentenced. We’ll see how that plays out.

Some people have asked me why I think Edgar Steele is being framed, especially at this point in time when he was just out of the hospital and he wasn’t actually doing much of anything. Steele was planning on running for governor of Idaho but his health problems pretty much put the kibosh on that, and he had already announced his intention to withdraw.

Some people think it was because Steele was about to publish another book, this one on the Israeli involvement in international human trafficking for sexual purposes, and it’s true that the Jews can be hyper-sensitive and very vindictive about such things, but let’s face it, any such book wouldn’t really have told us anything we didn’t already know, would it? The Israeli mob is know to world law enforcement as the biggest pimps and White slavers around; Jews are to prostitution what the Colombians and Mexicans are to cocaine, the niggers are to heroin, the Russian mob is to Medicare and computer fraud, and poor Whites are to methamphetamine. So no, I don’t think it’s that.

As to why the régime gone after Edgar Steele, it could well be that there is a very simple explanation. They’ve done it because they can. They know that no one will dare to stand up for a so-called “White supremacist,” whatever the hell that is, and they know all they have to do is get him in front of a jury full of drooling morons up there in North Idaho and find some way to emphasize that Steele was the lawyer who defended Richard Butler and Aryan Nations, and Bob’s your uncle. Easy win for the lady prosecutor and the FBI’s clearance stats go way up.

You have to bear in mind that the FBI especially considers White Nationalists to be easy pickin’s, a quick shot in the arm for their case and clearance stats, and convicting a so-called White racist is a shot in the arm for any FBI man’s career prospects back in DC. Convicting a wicked racist looks really great in an FBI agent’s personnel file. And they’re right. We are easy pickin’s, We’re like dodos back on those South Pacific islands in the 19th century; we’re fat and slow and stupid, we’re not dangerous because unlike Muslims we never fight back or retaliate, so arresting and framing White Nationalists is completely risk-free. And we’re good eatin’ in the legal and political and public relations sense. I won’t state the obvious, lest I incite, but so long as we’re easy pickin’s and good eatin’, the FBI are going to help themselves to us any time they get the munchies, so to speak. Like going out to KFC and picking up a bucket of extra crispy.

The Edgar Steele case might be something a little more subtle though. It might be the régime’s way of letting us know that they never forgive and never forget. Ed Steele defended Richard Butler ten years ago and the Christine family eight years ago, but our lords and masters have long memories; this could be purely vindictive.

Or it could simply be a lifestyle bust. Somebody in authority just plain does not like Edgar Steele, he or she has the power to fuck with Steele using the system, and so they’re doing it, just because they can. When the late author and Gonzo journalist Dr. Hunter S. Thompson was having his home in Aspen, Colorado turned over for twelve hours by the local cops on a “he touched my titties” complaint from a ditzy female “journalist,” who later turned out to be bogus, Thompson knew one of the sheriff’s deputies who was tossing his place and he asked him what the hell was really going on. The cop replied, “Hunter, this is a lifestyle bust. The decision has been made. We are going to bring you into the system.”

This is the purpose of more of these cases than I think we suspect: to bring someone into the system, to pull them into the mincing, mangling machine which is the law in this country and thus prevent them from doing anything for a long time other than struggling and screaming to get out. It’s kind of hard to make speeches and write blogs when your legs are trapped in a whirling steel machine and you’re being dragged down the conveyer belt towards the blades.

This may well be one reason that the Steele family’s assets were seized and frozen; not just to make it impossible for Ed to hire a bona fide defense attorney, but simply to inflict hardship on the Steeles, as witness the fact that Cyndi is now having to go on a speaking tour to raised desperately needed funds.

A fabricated legal case turns the victim’s life into one long nightmare wherein all time, effort, and above all funds of the targeted person or group must henceforth go towards “The Case” rather than the political, social, or internet activity which our lords and masters find annoying or inconvenient. And if and when the targeted victims do finally escape from the net, with or without having served a prison sentence, they are usually so destitute and just plain terrified of being forced back into the machine that they bow down to our lords and masters and do what is required of them, i.e. they shut up.

I have known a lot of men who stood up magnificently in prison itself, and yet when they were finally released they disappeared so quick you’d have thought Scotty beamed them up to the Enterprise. They never formally broke or surrendered, but after many years they lacked the strength necessary to commit the one final act of defiance: to return to political activism even after the System has done their worst.

Even if Edgar Steele does finally come to trial in March, and even if he does escape from the jury of pale drooling morons anxious to please the government and show what good non-racist liberals they are, if and when they finally do open the prison doors and let him come tottering out into the sunlight, what kind of shape is he going to be in, mentally, morally, emotionally, financially?

In the event of an acquittal, will the court un-freeze Ed’s gold and silver and his bank accounts? Will he be strong enough to continue to write and publish on the internet? I hope so, but at his age and in his state of health, the body and the mind don’t stand up very well to endless months of prison without trial. Right now they’re trying to break him. One way or the other, we’re going to see what this man is made of.

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