Thursday, July 22, 2010

Edgar Steele Update for 22 July

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Now for our weekly Edgar Steele update. Apparently Scotty has beamed Mr. Steele back down from the Enterprise, because he is back in the Spokane County Jail, and the official government version of events is that he never left. I guess we just imagined all those returned letters, including my own, all the visitors who were turned away, all the phone calls wherein the deputies and jailers denied that he was in their facility. I guess we just made up the deputy who told numerous callers that Steele had been removed from the jail by the U.S. Marshals, the Marshals who refused to comment apparently even to reporters, the long silence, the lack of any phone calls except for the two which were apparently arranged by the government to entrap and incriminate Steele. Anyway, all of that is now “inoperative,” as they used to say back in the Watergate days.

Apparently Steele was allowed to receive one visitor this week, although we don’t know who and we don’t know what was discussed. So whatever the feds were planning, evidently they thought better of it, at least as far as making him disappear goes.

I can’t help but wonder if even that one visit would have been allowed if there hadn’t been so much of an outcry on the internet and there hadn’t been so many people calling the jail and sending letters and generally making sure the regime knew that Ed has friends on the outside who are paying attention. This is why writing letters to prisoners is so important. The worst thing that can happen to any prisoner is for the government to get the idea that all his people on the outside have cut him loose and that they can do whatever the hell they want to him or her on the inside because nobody remembers they exist and nobody cares.

I have been informed that the government has set a trial date for Steele sometime in August, which is lighting speed by federal standards. Remember, this is the same system where Bill White, for example, had to wait almost 18 months for a trial. Looks like they’re trying to ram this through quick.

Steele has been allocated a public defender. Although he is quite affluent the government has seized and frozen his life’s savings and all his assets, which is another odd aspect of this case. My understanding is that asset forfeiture usually only applies in drug or organized crime cases, and then only after conviction, but let’s face it, this is the Obama regime and they’re just going to do whatever the hell they want to Edgar Steele without any regard for little niceties like the law or the Constitution or basic human decency. I mean, it’s not as if anybody’s going to do anything about it, right?

The practical effect of the government’s seizing all Steele’s money is to make sure that Steele has no choice but to rely on a public defender, who is of course paid by the very same regime that’s prosecuting Ed Steele and doing their damndest trying to make sure he dies in prison. What is wrong with this picture? Something is definitely going on here, and if nothing else, the incredible lengths to which the government is going just to muddy the waters tends to convince me more of his innocence. If this was just a normal common or garden variety conspiracy case, and if Edgar Steele really did try to hire a hit man to kill his wife and mother in law, and if they’ve got it all on tape, then what’s the government worried about? They’re sure not acting like this case is a slam dunk, and that puzzles me.

Another website recently published a brief letter from Edgar Steele to a friend of his on the outside, which I won’t read out loud here because it sounds pretty dispirited. Ed is obviously suffering from severe depression, as indeed he might, in view of the fact that given his age and his severe health problems he is now going to die in prison for the crime of defending Richard Butler against Morris Dees and that wealthy real estate developer what’s-his-name who owns most of north Idaho now. Apparently in north Idaho lowering property values now carries the death sentence.

Folks, seriously, you need to write to this man, if only just a post card, to let him know he has not been forgotten. Despite Steele’s miraculous re-appearance in the Spokane Jail we still don’t know if all of his mail is getting through, or even any of it at all, but you need to try. Drop Ed Steele a card or a letter today. I repeat, his address is located at or you can e-mail me at and I’ll direct you there.

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