Friday, July 23, 2010

Steele's Mail Still Being Sent Back

Yesterday the second letter I attempted to send to Edgar Steele was returned to me marked "requires full name or address." The address was as follows

Edgar Steele #361857
1100 West Mallon
Spokane, WA, 99260-0320

which is the exact address given to me by Kelsey Steele and also the one listed on the internet for the Spokane County jail. And yes, before anyone asks, I hand-wrote the return address using my name instead of Northwest Publishing Agency. I have heard that excuse for returning prisoners' mail before.

For some bizarre reason there is a tendency among other Steele "supporters" to blame the letter writers for returned mail, for "not following the rules," rather than the government-salaried thugs who are actually rubber-stamping crap on the envelopes and throwing them back. There don't seem to be any rules which allow Ed Steele actually to receive mail. The Spokane County Sheriff's depatrtment, almost certainly at the instigation of the FBI, is trying to make Steele feel isolated, alone, and depressed, and according to the Lokey letter they are succeeding.

Why are they waging psychological warfare against Edgar Steele like this? They are trying to force him to cop a plea bargain, no doubt on some spurious promise that if he "plays ball" and doesn't embarass the regime by forcing them to prove a case in court, he will be allowed to go home. The federal case against him must be incredibly weak, and they don't dare bring it in front of a jury.

There is supposed to be a trial date set for August. Be interesting to see how many continuances that case on the docket gets, while the government continues to try and pressure, terrrorize, and browbeat Edgar Steele into either copping a plea, or else worrying him into another heart attack.


  1. Yeah they're working on him, trying to break him and make him plead out.

  2. I sent 2 letters to that address- one of them came back with same comments-so he hopefully got the first

  3. They are trying to use isolation and sickness to force Steele to accept a plea bargain because they know their informant Fairfax is such an obvious liar that he'll fall apart on the stand.

  4. I can't believe these scoundrels would actually stoop so low as to reject or return letters under false pretenses (such as under the pretense that the full name or address is missing while it is not), given that it is a blatant civil rights violation for which the federal courts guarantee recourse.

  5. Isolation is recognized as a form of torture by the Geneva Convention, but then ever since the Patriot Act federal law enforcement agencies are not required to pay any attention to all the legal and moral stuff.

  6. I don't like that August trial date. Steele has a public defender whom he probably has only seen once, if that, and he can't co-ordinate his own defense from a jail cell, completely isolated. I think part of the seizure of his assets was to make sure he couldn't make bail.