Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Regime Piles On More Charges

New charges in murder-for-hire case
Coeur d'Alene - A North Idaho attorney charged in a plot to kill his wife has been indicted on additional federal charges. A grand jury indicted Edgar Steele on three additional charges this week, including Use of Explosive Material to Commit Federal Felony, Possession of a Destructive Device in Relation to a Crime of Violence and Tampering With a Victim.

Steele was arrested in June after a man came forward and told FBI agents Steele hired him to kill Steele's wife and mother-in-law. That man, Larry Fairfax, then recorded Steele reiterating his request.

Steele was arrested. Three days later, Steele's wife brought her car in for an oil change and technicians found a pipe bomb under her car. Federal agents say Fairfax placed the bombs and failed to disclose that to federal agents. Fairfax was also arrested and faces federal charges.

The new indictments stem from the discovery of those devices and phone calls Steele made from the Kootenai County Jail. In those calls, Steele tells his wife Cyndi that she should lie to authorities and tell them it's not Steele's voice on the original recordings. He says: "No matter what you hear, no matter what you think, no matter what you feel, you have to say the following: no, that is not my husband's voice and like a rhinoceros in the road, you have to stand your ground."

Steele made the demands despite a warning that the phone calls would be recorded and could be used against him in court. Steele will be back in court on the new charges next week.


  1. I hate to say it, but I think your guy's toast. They clearly intend to make sure he doesn't slip through their fingers.

  2. They are piling on the pressure to try and get him to plead out to a "lesser charge."

  3. Steele has always been a high profile target for the Federals ever since he defended Richard Butler and the Aryan Nations.

  4. I deeply appreciate your defense of Mr. Steele, HAC, especially in view of the number of assholes who are screaming that he's guilty for no reason I can discern.

  5. I think Edgar Steele pissed a lot of people off when he wouldn't take everybody's case for free and pass out free legal advice to every Movement retard who did something stupid and got into trouble.