Friday, August 13, 2010

Edgar Steele Update from August 12th Radio Free Northwest

Okay, now let’s kick off with our weekly Edgar Steele update. So far as anyone knows the trial is still scheduled to begin Monday, August 16. My guess is that it will take a couple of weeks. At this point there’s not much merit in speculating on the outcome. It’s pretty clear that the federal case against Steele is incredibly weak; basically all they seem to have is a few video and audio tapes in which those who have heard them claim to have detected serious audio anomalies in the crucial points in the conversation between Steele and the federal informant Larry Fairfax, the points where Steele is supposed to be actually discussing the murder for hire plot. Fairfax himself is so compromised by his own arrest for planting a bomb in Cyndi Steele’s SUV that I am astonished that the government is still relying on him, but I suppose they have no choice.

Now, I really think we need to be looking at one crucial point here: who is this public defender that Edgar Steele has been lumbered with because the government deliberately seized all his bank accounts and assets? Maybe I missed it somewhere, but does anyone on our side even know his name? I just read over all the published news media reports on the case again, and maybe I just missed it, but I don’t think even the media have given us this attorney’s name. They just refer to him as a “public defender.”

Is this guy any good? Does he show up for court prepared and sober, or does his slouch into the courtroom unshaven in a sweaty shirt and reeking of last night’s bourbon binge? A lot of public defenders are basically courthouse loafers, ward heelers, and hopeless drunks who can’t get any other employment anywhere else in the legal system, because they’ve been caught in acts of dishonesty or perjury and because they’re so dysfunctional in their personal lives. It could well be that freezing Ed. Steele’s assets was a deliberate attempt on the part of the regime to make sure he ended up with a lousy lawyer who won’t ask any embarrassing questions but who will sort of mumble his way through the trial.

Can this man be relied upon to stand up in that courtroom and ask the pointed questions that need to be asked? Will the subject of possible politically motivated government entrapment even be broached at all in the jury’s hearing? Will he subject the federal informant Larry Fairfax to a genuine, searching cross-examination not only as to his actions but as to his motives? Will he delve deeply into the length and nature of Fairfax’s contacts with the FBI? Or will he just slough off Fairfax’s cross with a few mumbled irrelevancies? Will he take the line that “Oh, no, we mustn’t mention possible government fabrication, because that will prejudice the jury and get the judge angry at me?” Does he have the strength of character to demand that the government pay for an independent audio expert to examine the original tapes, or I should more likely say the original digital audio recordings, of Edgar Steele allegedly asking this idiot Fairfax to kill his family?

By the way, for those of you who are interested in the ins and outs and technical details of the case itself, so far as we know them, there is a new website up at

This is a pretty good rundown of the facts, insofar as the facts are known.

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