Thursday, August 19, 2010

Edgar Steele Update from August 19th Radio Free Northwest

Next, a brief Edgar Steele update. It looks like at the last minute the trial has now been postponed to November 1st. It was supposed to have started on Monday, August the 16th. Let’s hope that Steele’s court-appointed defense counsel uses that time to look into all the aspects and possibilities of government fabrication of audio files. Just on general principles I would love to see somebody successfully challenge government wiretaps and other covert recordings, because I know that there has been a lot of suspicion in the past that these audios have been tampered with in other cases, organized crime surveillance tapes and whatnot. Most juries are so dumb that they assume the accused person is bound to be guilty or he wouldn’t be there.

There is another development which I find very significant, if true, but unfortunately the only source for this information we have so far is a rather dubious one, and for that reason I won’t mention anything about this until I can get it confirmed or denied one way or another. The entire broadcast may be found at

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