Thursday, August 5, 2010

From Radio Free Northwest

[The following is from Radio Free Northwest dated August 5th, 2010.]

We begin as always with our weekly Edgar Steele update. A hearing was held in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho on July 28 with a federal judge who phoned it in from Boise. The accounts I get from people who were there indicate that Steele’s public defender was pretty lackadaisical about the whole thing. We’re not talking Matlock here, apparently.

Well, what can you expect? I repeat that for someone to entrust their defense to an attorney who is being paid his salary by the same regime that is trying to do you harm, seems to me to be a bit of a conflict of interest, but often defendants have no choice. It’s pretty obvious to me that the public defender system is one of these aspects of democracy that is intended to establish the appearance of fairness and justice, while making sure that the reality of fairness and justice is always weighted in favor of the power structure and that the people the System wants locked up get duly locked up.

I mean, come on now! Outside of a lawyer show on television, when was the last time anyone ever heard of a public defender actually getting anybody released from the jaws of the mincing machine? What public defenders are good at is negotiating plea bargains. I have known a lot of guys who have been arrested, and they have described to me their experiences with public defenders. The daily pressure from the cops, the prosecution, and their own lawyers to cop a plea from these people is immense, and it takes almost superhuman strength of will to resist. I can almost tell you with almost full certainty that right now Ed Steele’s public defender is twisting the screws on Ed in every way he can to try and persuade him to cop a plea. One of the reasons in our Northwest Constitution we prohibit lawyers as a profession.

Anyway, getting back to the hearing, a trial date for Edgar Steele has been set for August 16, which I repeat is absolute lightning speed by Federal standards. The kid who was arrested for posting a poem to the internet didn’t come to court for five months, (more on him in a bit) and Bill White had to wait almost 18 months for a trial.

Not even a hint of a trial date yet for the Hutaree militia, so far as I know. They were arrested in late March and on May 3rd a judge granted bail to all nine of the accused, which is basically his way of saying that he knows full well the FBI case is bullshit. If there had been any genuine evidence of a conspiracy or any serious danger of violent resistance to the régime. then all nine of them would still be buried alive under the jailhouse.

I don’t deny that there is still the odd federal judge around who may actually have some last lingering remnants of a sense of decency. Apparently this one who granted the Michigan defendants bond is one such. I guess the régime’s case against those nine hapless individuals is so obviously contrived and filled with perjury there that even a lifelong servant of the system in a black robe gagged on it. A pity Edgar Steele can’t get a judge like that.

I personally suspect that the reason for Edgar Steele’s overly speedy trial is that the régime wants to convict Steele before they have to try their own informant Larry Fairfax for planting the bomb in Cyndi Steele’s SUV. So far as I am aware they haven’t set a trial date for Fairfax, and he seems to have dropped off the radar. That saves them from the embarrassment of having to rely on the word of a convicted felon in the Steele case, and I am sure that with his own case hanging over his head, Mr. Fairfax will definitely be on his p’s and q’s in the courtroom and turn in a stellar performance.

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