Monday, August 9, 2010

Edgar Steele Stormfront Post

Posted by: PoseidonOfTakeOurWorldBack
On: 08-05-2010 04:14 PM

I thought Stormfront was supposed to be a *pro*-White forum. Over the last few weeks I've been compiling a long article about the Ed Steele case - extended timeline with screenshots of the news reports, concise timeline that makes it easier to spot the absurdities, discussion of the absurdities / debunking of the official conspiracy theory, etc. And there's a video to go with it. Now I find the main thread's been closed on the "murder-for-hire plot", the very day I'd finished my page and was about to post details over there.

Given that the prosecution 'evidence' is so weak, the plot so preposterous and the contradictions so prevalent, a good legal defense should make all the difference in this case. The Feds seized his life savings, so he cannot afford a good private lawyer ( - and he can't run the case from a jail cell. If Ed Steele is acquitted - as he should be - it would be a kick in the teeth for the parasites and liars who hate to have their deceptions exposed.

There must be many people who have vaguely heard about the Ed Steele case, who haven't looked into it, who just don't know if he's innocent or guilty, and therefore will not make any donation. These people must be given the facts about this case. But they cannot be expected to wade through 100+ page threads, multiple forums, and time-wasting comments and diversions by trolls and shills, so I have compiled all the information on a single page for the reader to see how this case is obviously a set up.

The Frame-Up of Edgar Steele (

Timeline (extended)
Timeline (concise)
The Preponderance of Evidence in Favor of Edgar Steele The 'Evidence' for the Prosecution Conclusion - More Likely Scenario What To Do Next

Also see the accompanying video of the same name.

YouTube - ‪The Frame-Up of Edgar Steele‬‎

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