Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Cyndi Steele Finally Gets It

Many people may be wondering why Edgar Steele's wife, Cyndi, hasn't come forward in defense of her husband until now.

For the reasons stated below, Cyndi will stay in relative seclusion for the time being. She is in the process of hiring a new attorney to protect her rights and the rights of her family (things did not work out with the attorney who was representing her before). This will give her and the family some breathing space to have active representation while they go about their lives. Now that the Feds have shown that they are not willing to prosecute the other unnamed accomplices of Larry Fairfax who are involved in this case, Cyndi realizes that taking a low profile to allow the FBI to do their job, simply will not do any good.

The Steele family needs all the support that can be mustered. Please send the information below to anyone interested. Most of the old questions should be answered. As always, when there is new information available, it will generate a myriad of new questions.

Cyndi will be able to answer and respond to legitimate questions and concerns now that the Feds have proven their true colors and shown her that keeping a low profile really serves no purpose.

You may explain the following to anyone who asks: "Why has Cyndi been in seclusion?":

1) On the day that Ed was arrested, the FBI warned Cyndi that Larry Fairfax had certain unnamed accomplices who were "out there" or who were at large and that they had an active plan to kill her and her family;

2) The FBI promised that they had, or would, arrest the unnamed accomplices of Larry Fairfax whom they had identified and prosecute them for their crimes (giving her the impression that she and her family would be protected from these criminals who were known to the FBI, but who were still at large);

3) Cyndi believed the FBI and has kept a very low profile, not wanting to interfere with the FBI and their investigation; and, of course, not wanting to put her life or the lives of her family in jeopardy while they all waited for the Feds to round up these "bad guys" so that she and her family would be safe;

4) By the middle of last week, when a plea bargain with Larry Fairfax was scheduled for 4:00 p.m. today and the prosecutor, Traci Whelan, failed to call her back after Cyndi tried to reach the prosecutor on August 26th about the Fairfax plea bargain, Cyndi could see that the Feds were going to give Larry Fairfax a "sweetheart plea deal" without even consulting her and that his unnamed accomplices still had not been identified or arrested or charged or prosecuted; and

5) Finally, Cyndi decided to come out of seclusion and demand her legal rights as a victim, guaranteed by Congress, to object to the Fairfax plea bargain. Cyndi has demanded that she and her family be protected - and she has demanded that the Fairfax unnamed accomplices be brought to justice, because these unnamed accomplices are partly responsible, as co-conspirators, for the crimes against her and her family (that includes of course the planting of a bomb under her vehicle).

Note: There is no question that the feds know who these people are because they told Cyndi so; but, they are not telling anyone else and they have not arrested them, which makes it appear that they are protecting them. So, what's that all about?

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