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Radio Free Northwest Commentary 9-16-2010

Major league Edgar Steele update this week.

On September 7th in federal court in Coeur d’Alene, Edgar Steele’s wife Cyndi finally stepped up to the plate, and legally speaking she may have knocked one out of the park. Maybe, if we can get anybody to pay attention to what she’s saying. That court date was supposed to be a plea bargain hearing for Larry Fairfax, the federal informant who manufactured a pipe bomb and attached it under Cyndi’s SUV. Fairfax was going to get a sweetheart deal which would basically allow him to do a few months of cushy time in a minimum security facility and then walk out the gates, provided of course that his testimony convicted Edgar Steele, who is the real target of this bizarre little psychodrama from the Age of Obama.

What Cyndi did was use a little known aspect of the law, the right of the victim of a crime to file an official and legal objection to a plea bargain involving the crime committed against her. She and her mother-in-law Mrs. Kunzman both filed legal objections to Larry Fairfax’s sweetheart deal in exchange for his testimony against Edgar Steele. In doing so I won’t say they’ve blown the lid off the case, since the news media has been silent on it except for one article in the Bonner Daily Bee and nobody has yet heard Cyndi’s story because of this media blackour, but they have given us far more information about what has been going on in this loathsome frame-up than anyone else so far. At long last, we are getting a glimpse at the inner workings of this sickening case.

I might also add that Cyndi only did this after the U.S. Attorney prosecuting the case, a woman named Traci Whelan, repeatedly refused to return her calls or to discuss the case with Cyndi. It became so glaringly obvious that Cyndi was just being blown off by the government that she said to hell with all this low profile crap, something is rotten in the state of Denmark here and I’m gonna start sounding off.

The key words here are from one of the federals’ own court documents describing Fairfax’s criminal actions as part of the plea bargain deal. In fact these words may be inadvertent; some clerk typist in the U. S. Attorney’s office or some dumb FBI agent who doesn’t know how to write a report may have slipped up and let the cat out of the bag. I quote “Fairfax and another individual, not identified in the documents, drove to Oregon to check whether the pipe bomb was still on her vehicle. They didn’t see it and returned to Idaho assuming it had fallen off.”

This is the first word we have had of anyone else being involved in the alleged murder plot, and yet the FBI has refused to publicly identify or arrest this second individual. In other words, there was not one but at least two federal informants involved in framing Edgar Steele. My guess is that the unidentified person was Fairfax’s handler. Who knows, maybe John Doe Number Two in the Steele case was actually a badge carrying federal agent? Now, what do you want to bet that this John Doe Number Two is made to disappear from the narrative just like the John Doe Number Two in the Oklahoma City bombing? Yeah, I know, that doesn’t really apply, since the identity of the Oklahoma City John Doe Number Two has been known for years, but you folks understand what I mean.

In her objection to the judge, Mrs. Steele demanded to know who Fairfax’s accomplices are so she can protect herself from them. She wants them brought to justice, which is unlikely if the kingpin, Fairfax, is allowed to get off easy.

Here’s where it gets nasty. According to Mrs. Steele’s affidavit, at the time of her husband’s arrest the FBI told her that there were still multiple accomplices of Larry Fairfax and her husband Edgar Steele quote-unquote “out there,” allegedly circling like sharks waiting to kill her, and that was why she had to go into hiding, never speak to the media, and why she must never attempt to contact her husband or ask him what the hell’s going on.

I have been wondering about that. Now, when a woman has been married to a man for 30 years and all of a sudden she is informed that her husband has allegedly tried to hire a hit man to kill her, you would think that the first thing such a woman would want to do would be to march right in and demand some kind of explanation or at least hear his side of the story. You’d think after 30 years she owed him that, at least. Cyndi Steele apparently didn’t, and for a while that puzzled me. Well, now we know why. The Federal Bureau of investigation frightened the living bejesus out of her by conjuring up images of assassins with sniper’s rifles and silenced pistols in her closet and hiding under her bed.

Also, a comrade of ours pointed something out, and that is that the federal court’s no-contact order is in practice mutual. It’s just that, it’s not a restraining order, it’s not an Ed mustn’t contact Cyndi order, it’s just what it says, a non-contact order, and Cyndi can’t contact her husband without violating the order. In other words Cyndi is just as much prohibited from talking to Edgar as vice versa. Steele himself is now facing an additional ten years for sending his wife a birthday card and speaking to her on the phone, in a call that was set up by the authorities especially to incriminate him. The régime wouldn’t even allow the two of them to meet for the discussion of their financial affairs, such financial affairs as they have since the régime seized and froze all of Edgar Steele’s assets so he couldn’t hire a competent attorney. Somebody sure as hell doesn’t want Edgar and Cyndi Steele getting together and comparing notes.

That was the one of the first circumstances that led me to believe that there really is a frame-up going on here. If the government’s case is really so solid, and if they have Steele bang to rights on these alleged audio and video tapes soliciting the murder of his wife and mother in law, then why do they need all this skulduggery? Why not bring in Cyndi Steele for a big confrontation and videotape the whole thing? Their so-called evidence can’t be all that convincing if they are afraid that Steele might persuade his wife of his innocence simply by talking to her.

Here is Cyndi’s version of events as contained in her affidavit, and by the way, these affidavits are available for your inspection and edification online in .pdf format. The URLs are too long and complicated for me to read out loud here but I’ve posted them on my blogs and you can e-mail me directly at and I’ll send them to you.

In late May of this year Cyndi Steele took an 18-day journey from her home in North Idaho to Portland, Oregon to be with her mother, who has been ill. In the early morning hours of June 11, 2010, the FBI went to visit Mrs. Steele there, the same day they arrested her husband on so-called evidence supplied by Fairfax, the man who actually planted the bomb and who was allowed at that time to remain free.

However, according to the affidavits of both Cyndi Steele and her mother, instead of warning Mrs. Steele that they had a report of a bomb under her car, the FBI agents sat outside the house for two hours for unknown reasons. Now remember, the official story was that Fairfax had supposedly come forward on June the 8th, allegedly filled with horror at the thought of being solicited to commit murder, and so you would think the FBI would have been aware of the pipe bomb at the time of the visit. But they neither checked under the car for the bomb themselves, nor did they call the Portland bomb squad, nor did they have the car impounded so it could be inspected.

Instead, Obama’s Finest allowed Cyndi Steele to drive 450 miles back to North Idaho with a bomb under her car, where on June 15th she pulled into a Jiffy Lube and the attendant pointed out an object attached to her exhaust system, a pipe with some wires and several sticks of dynamite. Not a black powder pipe bomb as originally claimed by the FBI and the media, but a real life dynamite job of the kind the Mob refers to as tail-piping. That’s another piece of disinformation spread by the media but contradicted by the actual court documents. The local bomb squad was called in to neutralize the device and U.S. Highway 95 had to be shut down for several hours as the bomb was blown up in a controlled detonation, so yes, it worked and it
would have killed Cyndi Steele or anyone riding in the vehicle.

Why didn’t the FBI in Oregon take immediate action, not only to warn her, but to neutralize the bomb? If the bomb had detonated in a populated area when Mrs. Steele hit a pothole or other obstruction in the road, it’s possible that many people would have been killed, and yet the FBI did nothing. The only thing they have come up with by way of an explanation is that Larry Fairfax, uh, “forgot” to mention during his debriefing that he had already wired dynamite to Cyndi Steele’s car. That’s a pretty big oops, there, Larry.

Do you believe that? I don’t. I think those federal agents knew perfectly well that Cyndi Steele’s car was rigged to explode and they deliberately left it so that Cyndi would be killed and that would lend credibility to their case against the husband Edgar, who is their real target. I think the FBI and the U.S, Attorney have have received orders from the Obama régime in Washington, DC to get Edgar Steele and they don’t care how they do it. After all, a dead Cyndi Steele couldn’t gum up the works and throw a monkey wrench into the system by believing in her husband and filing inconvenient affidavits in court, now, should she?

Something really off kilter is going on here. Why would the government enter into a plea bargain with a confessed criminal whose accomplices are at large, when the FBI allegedly believes they still want to kill the victims? The government routinely makes deals with mobsters like Joe Barboza and Sammy Gravano who have killed dozens of men, but I admit I’ve never heard of anything as blatant as this happening before. Why is it that these other individuals, whom the FBI told Cyndi Steele exist, have not been charged with a crime since the U.S. Government claims to know who they are, including the one who accompanied Fairfax to Oregon to check on whether the pipe bomb was still on her vehicle, and was clearly knowledgeable of the crimes being committed by Fairfax.

Why is the U.S. government protecting the identity of a co-conspirator who has complete knowledge of the entire scenario and who was physically present when a very important part of the crime was being committed? Isn’t a co-conspirator someone who offers assistance, such as helping Fairfax check on the bomb?

I think the answer is obvious. At least one of the so-called other conspirators is either a long-term federal informant or a badge-carrying FBI agent who was acting as Larry Fairfax’s handler and they don’t dare to reveal his or her name.

Fairfax was about to lose his house in foreclosure. He stole thousands of dollars of gold and silver bullion from Edgar Steele while acting as his handyman, and he needed a way to cover up those thefts. But then again, maybe Fairfax had another source of income. There have been a number of other inconsistencies in the dribs and drabs of evidence that the FBI has allowed to leak out which indicate that Fairfax was already a federal informant when he first met Edgar Steele and he may have been sicced on Steele deliberately.

The Obama régime is clearly trying to break Steele. After Steele’s arrest and after two phone calls which appear to have been arranged by the government in order to incriminate and entrap him, Steele was held incommunicado in isolation, without visits from friends or family for almost six weeks. For some weeks the Spokane County jail denied that Steele was there and said the U.S. Marshals had taken him away to an undisclosed location; it is still not known whether Steele was in fact removed from the jail and taken elsewhere for a time, since he has not been allowed any uncensored or unmonitored communication with anyone. A public outcry and a letter and phone campaign from Mrs. Ingri Cassel of the Idaho Observer to state senators and representatives finally forced the government to reveal Steele’s whereabouts and allow him correspondence and visitors, although right around that time the Spokane County Jail mysteriously changed their rules so that inmates can now only receive post cards.

Another interesting thing recently came out; Cyndi Steele has fired the attorney she had and is in the process of looking for a new one. One wonders whether her previous long silence was due to bad legal advice she was getting and who was actually signing this attorney’s checks.

One final note: both the affidavit from Cyndi Steele and the ones from her mother are couched in required legalese form, and yet they pointedly contain favorable references to Edgar Steele. It’s easy to read between the lines: Cyndi and her mom don’t buy the feds’ wild story about Steele hiring Larry Fairfax as a hit man. So that’s one question answered: Cyndi Steele and her mom are standing by their man. That’s the first good news in this foul case since it started.
As to who the unnamed “accomplices” of Larry Fairfax are who remain at large, I think it’s fairly obvious—they are federal informants or possibly even badge-carrying agents, hence the mysterious inability of the FBI to apprehend them. If I were Cyndi Steele or Mrs. Kunzman, I would be a hell of a lot more afraid of the FBI than I would be of Edgar Steele sitting alone and isolated in his prison cell and dependent for his defense on a paid employee of the very system that’s trying to destroy him.

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