Friday, September 10, 2010

Cyndi Steele Steps Up

For anyone who is interested, .pdf copies of the affidavits filed with the federal court by Cyndi Steele and her mother-in-law can be viewed at the following URLs:

Both affidavits are couched in required legalese form, and yet they pointedly contain favorable references to Edgar Steele. It’s easy to read between the lines: they don’t buy the feds’ wild story about Steele hiring Larry Fairfax as a hit man. So that’s one question answered: Cyndi Steele and her mom are standing by their man. That’s the first good news in this foul case since it started.

As to who the unnamed “accomplices” of Larry Fairfax are who remain at large, I think it’s fairly obvious—they are federal informants or possibly even badge-carrying agents, hence the mysterious inability of the FBI to apprehend them. If I were Cyndi Steele or Mrs. Kunzman, I would be a hell of a lot more afraid of the FBI than I would be of Edgar Steele sitting alone and isolated in his prison cell and dependent for his defense on a paid employee of the very system that’s trying to destroy him.


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  1. God, I'm sick of this Fed/Talmudic/bullshit ruination of patriots lives.
    I'm sorry, but this shit is getting critical in this country, while these bitches and their corporations ruin EVERYTHING from nature Gulf/monsanto/wall street, to a Talmudist SCOTUS,
    it's looking more and more like force is the only
    thing they understand.
    Learn about the IRA, the Afghans, and guerrilla warfare.
    They laugh at protesters and beat them up.
    Voting means nothing.
    Learn war skills.

    It's coming, it is.