Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Latest Edgar Steele Update


  1. Our son is also being entrapped by the fbi from that same area and has been in jail for 22 months in solitaire confinement. He was in sandpoint for a year and now is salt lake. Would love to compare notes of your entrapment and our sons. Government officials in utah/idaho are so corrupt.

  2. The policy reportedly covered accidental death, but no one has ever explained how an enormous pipe bomb exploding could possibly be considered an accidental death. An attorney such as Edgar Steele would know that a homicide does not count as an accidental death.

    Dear Sir: Not only would Edgar Steele know this, but Edgar Steele would have also known about the risk that Larry Fairfax knew about it too. As a matter of fact, everyone who is not wholly retarded knows that coverage for car "accidents" only covers "accidents" and not "murder", which is not "accidental." Is Fairfax a retard? Why would Steele hire a retard to murder his wife?